Finding a Meaningful Career in the Coffee Industry

Finding a Meaningful Career in the Coffee Industry

While sitting back and relishing your favorite coffee at the cafeteria, you would have wondered at least for a single time that how coffee is made and brought into a cherishing taste and experience that made coffee lovers around the world in plenty.

It is the career professionals, from growers to roasters, in the coffee business who converts the coffee beans to a delightful brew. There are tons of people behind the success of the coffee industry with exciting and challenging job roles in the coffee supply chain.

Here are a few standouts of the key jobs in the coffee field.  

Coffee Grower is the core part of the coffee industry, whose job includes growing, nurturing, and taking care of the coffee plants and berries.

Globally there are 11 million hectares of coffee farmland and most of it belongs to America, Africa, and Asia. That simply implies more Coffee Grower job vacancies are accessible at these places.

Coffee Roaster is another major career in the coffee world that is responsible for roasting and turning the green coffee beans in the harvested form into that the retailer sells. This job is all about the different ways of roasting coffee beans because how your coffee tastes and looks depends on roasting.

There is no better job vacancy available other than working for a roaster, for those people who adore coffee and wanted to stick around the freshly roasted smell of coffee. In addition to this, a number of exciting coffee jobs are there with roasting.

A professional coffee taster is recognized as a Professional Cupper, the one who tastes and ensures the quality of coffee made from roasted coffee beans with a sturdy ability to decide between coffee flavors.

You can also pursue your career as a Green Buyer for a roaster. This job lets you travel to farms across many countries to check the source of beans and also to ensure that you are using the best quality coffee for your business, deciding on what quantity you should buy beans from each farm and hence deciding the price of coffee.

Barista, who serves the coffee at retailer outlets is a job that needs high skill, as they must master the different types of coffee offered in the shop and their preparation in such a way that each cup tastes delicious and different. Moreover, baristas are required to be excellent service professionals who treat their customers with friendly and helpful service.

Even though Brazil occupies the first position in Coffee production, the country that produces premium-quality and most delicious coffee beans is Ethiopia, the land of origin of pure coffee.

Kerchanshe Trading PLC, the largest producer and exporter of Coffee in Ethiopia, draws worldwide attention due to their dedicated work to harvest the most exotic and top quality coffee from their own farmlands and bring them to local as well as international markets.


If you love coffee, there are many great jobs you can pursue in the Coffee sector.


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