Great Jobs Are Here For Coffee Lovers

Great Jobs Are Here For Coffee Lovers

Coffee has been serving us for centuries as a reliable companion at all times. Coffee can be also interpreted as ‘comfort in a cup’, that we sit back, relax, and enjoy the aromatic and divine essence it brings out.

Undeniably, one can say that Coffee kick-starts our day fresh, but this amazing beverage comes to our table as a result of the efforts of all who are associated with the coffee business. Surprisingly, there are many jobs available in the industry for coffee lovers that can help them earn a living.

We have already given you an idea of the major job roles accessible in the Coffee sector in our previous blogs so that you could easily find a meaningful career with Job Vacancies and Recruitment in Ethiopia. Here, we are adding some more roles and details to it, so keep reading till the end.

Green Coffee Buyer

This job profile is widely recognized as a glamorous one, who is determined to decide on what coffee a roasting company will buy. In addition to the coffee knowledge, you need to manage the relationships and dealings between the coffee grower and the roaster. That simply implies you get to explore not only the coffee world but also the entire world by traveling a lot.

You must have an eye to keep track of paperwork, budget constraints, calculations for inventory purposes, and communications in many forms. You will be also responsible for analyzing the quality of climate and soil, evaluating the farming methods, and brokering deals with farmers.

Professional Coffee Taster

Do you think drinking coffee can be a profession? Yes! A professional coffee taster, one of the least known jobs in the sector, involves arbitrating and assessing the aroma as well as the taste of the coffee. The Specialty Coffee Association of America (SCAA) and Specialty Coffee Association of Europe (SCAE) issue certifications for coffee tasters. The SCAA issues a Licensed 'Q' grader certificate for proficiency in assessing the Arabica coffees and a Licensed 'R' grader certificate for evaluating Robusta coffees.

Production Manager

This job role is offered by large coffee companies for managing warehouse processes, inventory control, and logistics. A production manager is also referred to as the plant manager or roasting & packaging coordinator. You need to maintain interactions between the coffee roasters, packing staff, shipping, and customer service personnel.

Coffee Roaster

Creativity and experimentation make this act of coffee alchemy unique.  Turning green beans brown is not at all an easy job, as it requires the perfect understanding of coffee and the deliciousness range on which roasted coffee falls. Coffee companies are always in search of young minds who can come up with new and innovative ideas.

Sales and Marketing

Coffee business involves distribution and sales of the product where a sales team represents the company in several territories. Marketing personnel develops strategies for product campaigns, marketing services, loyalty programs, promotional advertising, on-premise advertising, and digital media.

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