What Makes Kerchanshe Jobs Different in the Coffee Career

What Makes Kerchanshe Jobs Different in the Coffee Career

You have already discovered that a number of opportunities can be explored in the coffee industry. Each job vacancy in the coffee field can be challenging and expose you to a different arena of experience. Whatever job roles you get to do is all about an exciting journey and learning experience of how our beloved brew, coffee is getting converted from its very raw cherry form to that we relish in each sip of a coffee cup.

Kerchanshe Trading PLC, the largest producer and exporter of Coffee in Ethiopia already has laid its milestone in bringing the finest quality coffee to the local as well as international markets.

Kerchanshe is an organization with an explicit vision of discovering innovative ways to serve its customers with utmost integrity and transparency. But what sets them unique in the world of coffee companies is its core values of giving prime importance to both customers and the environment we live in. That simply puts forth that it takes care of the environment using sustainable practices to produce the best coffee in the world, going in harmony with nature without ruining it. Furthermore, it acts on giving back to its community.

That’s why Kerchanshe is known as the Company with a heart!


Kerchanshe and its Corporate Social Responsibility

Kerchanshe Trading PLC considers and works on the social responsibility towards the community it operates in by helping the weaker sections of the society to contour a better and sustainable life, and thus actively contributing to the social as well as the economic development of the communities, resulting in raising the Human Development Index (HDI) of the Country.

This is the reason behind the formation of the Buna Qela Charity Association, a local and non-profit civil society organization run by volunteer management and staff members of Kerchanshe. Kerchanshe’s 10 percent of the total profit of a year is utilized for the social responsibility efforts by engaging through Buna Qela.

The persistent focus is to improve the livelihoods of coffee farming communities by innovating sustainable solutions to the challenges faced by them, especially for education, clean water, and clean energy.

Kerchanshe Trading PLC has built six primary schools for the community, implemented many clean water projects, distributed 5 million coffee seedlings, and executed projects for groundwater development as well as providing power supply to the rural families on behalf of Buna Qela and hence giving it back to the community.

So, now you know Kerchanshe is definitely a company with a heart. Job vacancies at Kerchanshe equip you not only with the coffee processing abilities but also gives a chance to protect the environment we live in and its people, thereby safeguarding our mother nature itself that will certainly fill your heart.

Recruitments are active for Addis Ababa and our various branches in Ethiopia. Do check our Careers page for more info regarding the vacancies so that you can apply for the post that fits you the best.


It’s not the time to wait for it, step forward and work for it!